Edu-Kingdom Coaching College: A Great Place To Learn

The philosophy of Edu-Kingdom College can be neatly summarised in a single phrase –"Every child is special". We understand that children have different learning styles, unique needs and particular interests. There's no one-size-fits-all approach. At Edu-Kingdom Tuition Centre, we translate this philosophy into practice with highly effective small-group tutoring services that cater to each student's needs and inclinations for optimum results. In this coaching college, your child will receive the guidance he needs to reach his full potential.

High Quality Materials Based On The Current Curriculum

Qualified and Experienced Tutors

Comfortable and Safe Environment

State-of-the-art Tuition Centres

To provide our students with optimum support, Edu-Kingdom College offers a vast range of tuition services which spans the entire course of an Australian student's pre-university academic career, from Year 1 to Year 12. In the hands of our expert tutors, any topic from advanced calculus to the masterpieces of F Scott Fitzgerald is made to spring vividly into life. Our students come to love learning, thirst for knowledge and think critically. They leave prepared not just for school, but for life.

Our Tutors will Instil a Love of Learning

Our Staff Can Inspire hope, Ignite the imagination, and instil a love of Learning. Yes, We believe in this precious quote given by Brad Henry. Behind every successful student is an inspirational teacher, and that's exactly what Edu-Kingdom tutors aim to do – Inspire. Our teachers have decades of experience in both public and private education, and these veterans bring all that expertise to bear in helping your child realise his academic ambitions. Combining a diverse range of effective teaching styles with an expert eye for detail, an emphasis on interactive, engaging class curriculums, our staff are well-equipped to deliver a holistic tutoring service for students of every age and level.


Primary School

(Year 1 ~ Year 6)
Power Writing
Scholarship Trial Test
Selective Trial Test
Free helping class

High School

(Year 7 ~ Year 10)
Power Writing
Scholarship Trial Test
Free helping class

Trial Test

(Year 6 or Year 9)
Selective School
e-Learning Courses
Free helping class

Year 11 and 12

Mathematics A, B, C
Free helping class

Power Writing

(Year 3 ~ Year 9)
Writing Skills
Reading Comprehension
Building Vocabulary
Grammar & Punctuation
Various Text Types
Free helping class

Tutoring Services: We Train Students for Success

To provide our students with optimum support, Edu-Kingdom College offers a vast range of tuition services which spans the entire course of an Australian student's pre-university academic career, from Year 1 to Year 12. We understand that primary education is about building strong fundamentals. Our primary courses are therefore aimed at equipping students with strong reading, writing and arithmetic skills that will see them transition seamlessly into high school education. At Year 6, this strategy reaches its apex with our Accelerating Learning Classes, which touch on English, Maths and Science at the Year 7 level. This puts our students one step ahead of their peers, giving them earlier and greater exposure to more complex topics and enabling them to road-test their academic skills in more complex scenarios.

At the high school through to Year 11&12 level, our tuition services aim to get your child thinking beyond the books. Our curriculum not only covers all the ground necessary for stellar grades but also emphasises real-world application of academic theory. Edu-Kingdom College believes that students work harder and learn faster when they understand why they are studying the subjects they do.

Develop Proficient and Creative Writing Skills

Edu-Kingdom Tuition Centre gives equal emphasis to developing skills and knowledge. Consistently with this approach, our tutors have put together a specialised course on "Power Writing". Reading and writing are arguably the essential skill for the modern student. Learning to read, summarise and think critically about an assigned text, as well as write persuasively and eloquently about a given topic, will set every student in good stead for the rest of his academic career.

The Power Writing course adopts a six-pronged strategy centred on the following core skills - report, exposition, recount, explanation, description and narrative.

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Year 6 Math

Trial Tests for Scholarship / Selective School

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Year 6 RC 1

Trial Tests for Scholarship / Selective School

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Year 6 RC 2

Trial Tests for Scholarship / Selective School

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Video Lessons

Online Lessons for Scholarship / Selective Schools               

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We Get You Ready Even for the Toughest Exam

When it comes to exam preparation, our coaching school utilises rigorously-tested strategies that deliver demonstrable improvement. Each course is designed by a panel of highly qualified teachers, many of whom have decades of experience setting and marking these tests at the state level. They know what works. What's more, these professional tutoring services stay cutting-edge by tracking test trends and mirroring educational developments at both state and national levels. As academic demands change, Edu-Kingdom's tuition services ensure your child is equipped to meet contemporary challenges head-on.

Edu Kingdom's comprehensive range of test-prep tutoring services provides expert support for each of the major milestones in your child's academic career – the Year 6 Scholarship / Selective School Test, the Year 9 Scholarship Test. Each course draws on a diverse selection of teaching resources, from past-year papers to our curated library of test books.

To help each student get the most out of our simulated tests, we also adopt a computerised marking system that allows for analytical test results. The tutoring centre works with each student to identify areas of strength and weakness based on these results. This system of periodic evaluation enables every child to shore up weak areas immediately, develop a well-rounded repertoire of academic skills and deliver consistently strong performances across every subject.

Students also gain access to Edu-Kingdom e-Learning courses, which harness the best of modern technology to provide the test-training experience that can be accessed from the comfort of your home. From electronic quizzes to videos that aim to entertain as they inform, our acclaimed e-Learning services provide a worthy supplement to our superb classroom teaching. Homework might actually be fun!

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A Coaching School Like No Other

It should by now be apparent that Edu-Kingdom leaves no stone unturned in its pursuit of your child's academic excellence. We harness the latest in educational technology, from data analytics tools to e-learning systems incorporating dynamic tuition videos. We employ only the best private tutors with proven track records to deliver classroom teaching that is engaging, effective and up-to-date. We adopt a highly individual approach that addresses each child's strengths and weaknesses in a patient, supportive and encouraging fashion and nurtures a love of learning that will continue will into later life.

Scientific reports consistently show that early education plays a huge role in setting the tone for later excellence. Why settle for anything less than the best? Edu-Kingdom has turned out some of the country's finest leaders, scholars and entrepreneurs, and your child will be among them. Awake their potential, invest in their future and prepare them for life with Edu-Kingdom tuition services!

FREE Assessment

Arrange an assessment date/time at your nearest Edu-Kingdom College by contacting their office during operating hours. Our friendly staff will assist you in scheduling a suitable appointment time. The results of your assessment will be marked and analysed via computer marking program and is yours to keep, with no obligation. Call now and arrange your free assessment!


Edu-Kingdom College is offering great job opportunities for Primary and High School teachers. If you are passionate about teaching and committed to helping students excel to the best of their ability, we welcome you to join our team. Download the attached application form and email it back to us with your CV/ Resume to