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The culmination of 12 long years of schooling, the VCE strikes terror into the hearts of many students. Yet properly handled, preparation for the VCE by VCE Tutors can be a time of great intellectual stimulation, exhilarating discovery and a fitting way to bid goodbye to high school. At Edu-Kingdom College, our VCE tutoring services make every student’s VCE experience a fruitful one. We adopt a focused and long-term approach that takes its cue from schools’ grading criteria offers highly accurate simulated test conditions and enables each child to achieve the ATAR score they need to get into the university course of their dreams.

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VCE Exam Preparation Courses

Essentially, the VCE program is a unit-based study program with subjects comprising four units each, to be completed over Year 11 and 12. The minimum number of units needed to graduate with the VCE is 4, but Edu-Kingdom College encourages all students to target at least 20 to 24 units in order to challenge themselves and, crucially, improve their ATAR score. Subjects are drawn from a pool of nearly 200 subjects, but every student must study an English subject and Mathematics.

The VCE contains both internally and externally assessed components. Units 1 and 2 involve school-assessed coursework on a “satisfactory completion basis”. Units 3 and 4 have both a coursework component and at least one examination that is graded by the VCAA. Students have to work consistently throughout the year to achieve excellent results, which necessitates continuous and long-term educational support. Edu-Kingdom’s VCE course provides expert private tutoring services across both years of the VCE program, designed to help students excel in both components.

As Edu-Kingdom encourages every student to dream big and start planning their career from an early age, our VCE tutoring services are delivered with the aim of helping students attain the highest possible ATAR score. This paves the path to your child’s dream university and ideal career. ATAR is a type of statistical treatment used by the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre to “scale” the relative scores between subjects based on the comparative student performance in each subject. Simply put, if more students do well in a particular subject, their scores may be scaled down, while students doing difficult subjects have their scores scaled up. This enables university admissions tutors to compare the performance of students across the state regardless of their subject combination.

Solutions, Notes and Resources‎ by Expert VCE Tutors

Edu-Kingdom Tuition Centre brings our detailed knowledge of the VCE system and assessment criteria to the table when preparing our students for the most important academic milestone of their high school education. We offer VCE tutoring services in the two compulsory subjects – English and Mathematics – as well as the three most popular science subjects, Chemistry, Physics and Biology. These are the subjects most likely to be “scaled up” in the ATAR assessment, so diligence in these fields will certainly be well-rewarded.

VCE English Exam

At the VCE level, the ability to write clearly, concisely and persuasively is highly-prized. Our VCE tutors harness a wide range of reading resources, from literary masterpieces to investigative news reports, to develop students’ critical thinking and textual analysis skills. Each student will receive constructive feedback on their writing style and depth of analysis while core skills such as grammar and vocabulary are constantly reinforced.

VCE Maths Exam

Whether your child opts for Further Mathematics, General Mathematics, Specialist Mathematics or Mathematical Methods, he will be assured of expert guidance. Many of our VCE Mathematics private tutors have the postgraduate-level expertise and are well-equipped to assist your child in understanding the complex mathematic models, challenging equations and logic puzzles involved at this advanced stage of his or her mathematical education.

Our VCE tuition course designers have also singled out common problem areas in each mathematical subject - geometric growth and decay in Further Mathematics, Newton’s method in Mathematical Models and identities involving Pascal’s triangle in Specialist Mathematics - for special focus. Individual assessment is also a core feature of the course. Each student’s strengths and weaknesses will be rigorously assessed and periodically reviewed, enabling our VCE tutors to take a more personalised and effective approach to your child’s education.

VCE Science Exam

VCE science syllabuses have an intimidating reputation, but your child will be in safe hands with our VCE tutors, who have decades of experience in breaking down scientific concepts for easy yet nuanced explanation. Chemistry students will receive patient guidance with challenging Unit 4 topics such as collision theory and Faraday’s laws. Biology students can look forward to intriguing lessons on notoriously difficult Unit 3 and 4 subjects like Gene Structure and Cellular Signals, many of which have tremendous application to the medical and pharmaceutical fields. Physics students will have their eyes opened to some of the universe’s most perplexing mysteries when they attend our VCE physics tuition, from field concepts to Einstein’s theory of special relativity.

Our hands-on teaching focus, which gives ample attention to experimental methods and real-world data, will also ensure that your child is well-prepared for the assessed laboratory work that is part-and-parcel of most school VCE coursework programs.

Why Edu-Kingdom Coaching College?

Finally, our specially-curated team of VCE specialist tutors complete your child’s VCE tutoring experience. The VCE can be a stressful time for children. The encouraging, patient approach adopted by our tutors, combined with their superb teaching skills, will give them the confidence they need to pass the VCE with flying colours and soar to greater heights. The VCE is a major milestone in your child’s life, and represents the start of their careers – so let’s make sure they do it right!